The first step in our process is an Initial Consultation. It is your opportunity to meet with an Architect and discuss your project in detail. We listen to your goals and also visually evaluate your building and the site. Together we rough out design opportunities, evaluate the feasibility of your goals with the budget, and discuss the next steps. We then begin our six step design process.

Information Gathering

We confirm your goals, program, and budget for the project. We also evaluate the existing building, gather information on the property, produce existing conditions drawings, and identify any zoning or regulatory issues.

Designing Options

Based on your wishes, program, and budget, we produce multiple design options for your review and discussion. Preferred options or design elements are identified and incorporated into subsequent schematic designs.This process repeats until a final design emerges that relates to your goals and your budget for the project.

Developing the Design

We refine the schematic design and start to choose materials and products with you that will be used in the construction. We also integrate the structural and mechanical systems into the chosen scheme and apply for any Regulatory Approvals required at this time.

Creating Construction Documents

The construction documents reflect decisions made during the design process in order to communicate the scope of the project to the contractors for bidding or pricing. We create a detailed set of drawings and specifications to allow for competitive bidding. These documents are also essential to securing a building permit for the project.

Bidding the Project

We assist you in the bidding the project and will suggest general contractors that may be appropriate for your project. Once the bids are received, we help you evaluate the costs and select a contractor to commence construction.

Overseeing the Construction

We are your advocate on the construction site. The contractor is responsible for the construction of the project; however, we verify that the work conforms to the construction documents. We also schedule periodic site meetings to help coordinate construction activities and encourage timely decision making.